An Extraordinary General Meeting Of The Old Cantabrigian Society was held on Thursday February 13th, 2020. The meeting was held at the College in room R028 at 7.30 pm. This meeting was called to discuss and then vote upon the following motion [The vote was taken on a simple majority of those present and voting. No further business was entered into at this meeting. A short note on the outcome of the meeting is at the foot of this page]:

Motion: This meeting resolves that:

1 The Old Cantabrigian Society’s continued existence is an unrealistic and unachievable aspiration.

2 We therefore mandate the Committee, plus any co-opted members or external resources it considers necessary, to implement the dissolution of the Society in as timely, efficient and expeditious a manner as is possible and in accordance with the provisions of Paragraph 16 of the Society’s constitution and to divest itself of the Society’s assets as shown below.

A) The Society’s funds and any other monetary assets, in total, be donated to the Cantabrigian Rowing Club following the settlement of any liabilities, commitments or expenses incurred or foreseen at today’s date.

B) The Society’s interest in the proceeds of the ongoing sale of trust land at Sedley Taylor Road, Cambridge in the U.K. shall be released to the Cantabrigian Rugby Union Football Club.

(For clarity, the text of Paragraph 16 of the Constitution follows: If the committee decides that it is necessary or advisable to dissolve the Society, it shall call an Extraordinary General Meeting of all members – as currently recorded on the Society’s website – by giving 10 days’ notice. If the proposal is confirmed by a simple majority of those present and voting, the committee shall have the power to realise any assets held by or on behalf of the Society. Any funds remaining after the satisfaction of any proper debts and liabilities shall not be paid to any member or members of the Society, but shall be given or transferred to such organisations as the meeting shall decide.) ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

Note: Members will wish to note that the motion published above was carried nem con at the E.G.M. As a consequence, the Old Cantabrigian Society has now suspended all activities and functions pending the final liquidation and disbursement of assets. This web site will, however, continue to operate as normal for the immediate future. Members wishing to download any materials currently displayed in our Image Gallery are recommended to do so with all due haste as the Society does not guarantee their continued availability. Members will need to log-in to perform this function.