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      J A Hunt

      At sometime around 1960 the CCF went to Royal Military Academy, Sandhurst. I remember that there were a lot of other school cadets there as well. Does anyone know whether this was a regular occurrence or a one of.

      The CCF was great training for me as within 4 years of leaving I was called up for 2 years National Service in the Australian Army.

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      The Head Boy

      Can’t say I remember it happening in my time (62 – 69).

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      J A Hunt

      I was at County from 57 to 62 and I think I started CCF in the 4th form in 59. So I think the camp would have been 60 or 61 as I left the County for Australia in March 1962.

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      Graham Pratt

      I went to Sandhurst around 1964 for a weekend but as I recall it was not a full camp, only a few of us went.

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