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      J A Hunt

      Can anyone remind me what the four houses were. I believe they were named after Oxford & Cambridge rivers.

      I think I was in Cherwell – Yellow – but I’m not sure.
      I think Isis was Green.
      I can’t remember what colour Granta was or whether Cam was the other house.

      Is there any way of telling from school records what house a student was in? I’ve checked my report book and there was no record of houses in that.

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      M.J. Curtis

      Cam – Red
      Cherwell – Yellow
      Granta – Blue
      Isis – Green

      I don’t recall anything in any published records other than seeing House Reports for sport in the school mags. I have several from 1954-1964. They came out at the end of each term but I do not have the complete set. I was there from 54-61. My late brother Terry from 59-66 and my youngest brother Tony from 64-71

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      C.A. Hale

      Boys were allocated to a house according to where they lived, for example those in the Cherryhinton area were put in Cam. However, before you started at the school you were asked if you had a relative either at the school or an old boy of the school and if so, what house they were in and you would then be put in the same house.

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      J A Hunt

      Thanks guys, I really appreciate this. I don’t think I would have been mentioned in the sport House Reports as I was never a good sportsman. I tried but definitely didn’t star. I lived in Chesterton and I was the first member of my family to go to the County. I was there from 57 until 62 when my family migrated to Australia.

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      The Head Boy

      Boys were allocated to a house according to where they lived, for example those in the Cherryhinton area were put in Cam.

      Are you sure about that? I lived just outside Cherry Hinton, and was in Isis. The fellow OC who lived opposite me was in Cherwell.

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      C.A. Hale

      Yes I’m sure! Cherryhinton and Fulbourn were Cam.
      I suspect you were in Isis because you lived in the Queen Edith area. The guy opposite was probably in Cherwell because of a family connection.

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        C.E. Osbourn

        When I joined the school, the majority of Cambridge boys went into Isis because there was a shortage of numbers. Those in the villages North and West went into Cherwell. The East side went into Cam and those South of the city into Granta. I followed both my father and brother into Cherwell.

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      D.J.T. Miller

      Not having been brought up on the 1930’s ‘School Hero’ stories, it all seemed pretty inane to me at the time, and I must admit it still does. Perhaps Harry Potter has made it a little more familiar to recent generations.

      Anyway, it was used as an excuse for some sports events, cricket in particular.

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      M.J. Curtis

      In 1954 I went into Isis when I was living in Peverel Road, just off Newmarket Road near the city cemetery.

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      I was allocated to ISIS house in 1957 when we were living in Cam Road (now, sadly Elizabeth Way). However, during the summer we moved to Trumpington and I became surrounded by GRANTA pupils.
      Hi John. I do recall you disappearing off to Australia during the O Levels year.

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