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      C.A. Hale

      We were known as ‘The Cambridge and County School’ from the formation, in 1900 until 1923. A total of 23 years. From 1923 until 1948, 25 years, we were known as ‘The Cambridge and County High School’, and from 1948 until 1974, 26 years, the name was, ‘The Cambridgeshire High School For Boys’.
      ‘Hills Road Sixth Form College’ was created in 1974 and we have been known as this for 41 years. The longest period with no name change! Perhaps, as the College expands it’s role, now running adult education courses as well as sixth form courses, it would be more appropriate to simplify the name to, ‘Hills Rd College’ or, maybe, as most of the current students simply refer to it as ‘Hills’, how about, ‘Hills College’? Not only would the name reflect the location, but also the name of the first Principal, Colin Hill.

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      M.J. Curtis

      Interesting thought Chris. I find ‘Hills Road Sixth Form College’a bit of a mouthful and ‘Hills College’ Cambridge has a nice ring about it as well as fulfilling the role of including the name of the first Principal. I suspect however that others would want to include the name of other parties who were involved locally in either the creation or running of the college in the early decades.

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