Trouble logging-in?  Maybe this will help…

To log-in to this site, you must be a member of the OCS.  As of February 2020, we are no longer accepting applications for membership so if you have not already joined us you will be unable to do so.   During the registration process, you were asked to choose a user name and password.  These are important and should be retained by you for future reference.  In particular, please note that passwords are encrypted in our database and therefore site staff are not able to help you if you forget or mislay your password.  You can choose to reset it to something else if all else fails.  You can also update any other details we hold if your circumstances change (e.g. change of address/phone number/ email address etc). To do this, click here.

Existing members can log-in to the site using their username and password combination.   You can use the box shown below, or a similar box displays on our home page (Note – both only visible to visitors who are not already logged-in!)

When using the Password Reset tool, you may see the message “Either the username or email address do not exist in our records.” This covers three possibilities:
1.  The username does not match your record – if there is variant on your name that you might have used when applying for membership (e.g., Andy instead of Andrew, Jenny instead of Jennifer, etc), please try again using the variant.
2.  The e-mail address does not match your record – if it is possible that you used a different e-mail address when you applied for club membership, please try using that e-mail address (assuming you still have access to it: the Password Reset e-mail will be sent to the address held on your record).
3.  You are not listed in the club database as a current member of the Society

If you no longer have access to the e-mail account with which you were registered, or have any other problem using the Password Reset tool, please contact the Webmaster, telling them what Username and E-mail address you have tried to use, and they should be able to help you.

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