As we are notified, the Society records here those members who have passed away. The only source of information we have for these records is you, our members, so please do contact us if you have news of any fellow O.Cs who are no longer with us.  You can sort these records by clicking on any of the column headings below.

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Title Name Started Finished Date Of Death Obituary Email
Mr R.W. Whiting 1942 1947 Unknown
R R Whyatt 1920 1927 Assumed
Mr N Wielding 1962 1968
Mr K.C. Williamson
Mr J. Wilson 1949 1954
Mr L.W. Wilson 1929 1937
Mr M J Winter 1943 1949
Mr N.D. Wise 1980 1982 June 2017 Nick Wise attended the College as a student from 1980 to 1982 and later worked for many years as a member of the College staff. Nick was for many years a member of our Committee and Dinner Sub-Committee.
Mr S R E Wisher 1919 1923 Assumed
Mr A J Wright 1939 1944
Mr P.A. Wright 1951 1956 02.11.2016 Cantabrigian Rowing Club announced, with sadness, the death of Peter Wright in the early hours of Wednesday 2nd November 2016, after a short illness. Peter joined the rowing club from school (Cambridgeshire High School) in 1956, rowing for the club until he moved away from Cambridge in the early 1960’s. On returning to Cambridge in early 1970 he again rowed with the club and was appointed Captain at the end of the 1970 season. He resigned as Captain at the end of 1972 as work commitments again took him away from Cambridge. Peter never relinquished a joy for rowing and for many years was one of the regular coaches in the schools’ programme under ‘Project Oarsome’. He will be missed by many.
Mr G.T. Young 1935 1939 9th March 2016
Displaying 181–192 of 192  1 2 8 9 10