As we are notified, the Society records here those members who have passed away. The only source of information we have for these records is you, our members, so please do contact us if you have news of any fellow O.Cs who are no longer with us.  You can sort these records by clicking on any of the column headings below.

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Title Name Started Finished Date Of Death Obituary Email
Major G G Stock 1938 1946 2013 We have been informed, by his daughter, of the death of Major Graham George Stock (38-46), late of the Royal Marines, in his sleep at his home in Dorset on Tuesday 3rd September 2013.
Mr L. Stone 1951 1958 Wednesday 28th May 2014
Mr G.S. Stubbings 1938 1944 3rd November 2014 Informed by his brother Michael
Mr S R Stubbings 1907 1910 Unknown
Revd F.E. Stubbings 1932 1939 1st March2014
Sqd.Leader D H Stubbings 1931 1937
Mr B Suttie 1941 1944
Mr J S Tatchell 1938 1943
Mr R.J. Taylor 1957 1961 Unknown
Mr E S Teversham 1931 1936 2013 We have been notified of the death of Eric Samuel (Steve) Teversham (1931 - 36). He died peacefully in hospital in Salisbury, aged 93 after a short illness.
Mr B. Thoday 1945 1950
Mr B Thoday 1945 1950
Mr H G Thomas 1957 1970 2011 Hayden Thomas, Staff: 57 -70. John Woolfendon writes: "I regret to inform you that 'HGT' 'departed' this world on Thursday 27th October peacefully in his sleep at the Care Home where he had resided for the past few years. No doubt many of you will recall various 'memories/incidents' in his Life when you knew him, and I would be pleased to receive any data which I intend to include in his Obituary in the 2012 Newletter. He leaves his Wife, Marie, two Daughters(who both live abroad) and a Son (Andrew) who does live in Swansea, & is therefore a great comfort to his Mother at this time. If there are any other persons who you know that would wish to know this item of news - please pass it on. Thank you."
Mr A.L. Threadgold 1948 1953 05/20
Mr D.H. Thurman 1945 1950 June 29th 2018
Dr H.A. Tuck 1925 1932 Assumed
Mr F R Ullmann 1956 1963
Mr E J Unwin 1935 1939
J S Wallis 1921 1925 Assumed
C W Wallis 1921 1925 Assumed
Displaying 161–180 of 196  1 2 7 8 9 10