As we are notified, the Society records here those members who have passed away. The only source of information we have for these records is you, our members, so please do contact us if you have news of any fellow O.Cs who are no longer with us.  You can sort these records by clicking on any of the column headings below.

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Title Name Started Finished  Date Of Death Obituary Email
Mr J.S. Mills 1953 1993 18th March 2018
Mr burwellmick 1990 1992 09/02/2018 We are advised as follows: "It is with deep sadness that I write this note to say that Michael Lucas suffered a heart attack and passed away in his sleep, the morning of 9th February 2018. " No further details currently available.
Mr P.A. Bilton 1953 1989 10th May 2016
Mr N.D. Wise 1980 1982 June 2017 Nick Wise attended the College as a student from 1980 to 1982 and later worked for many years as a member of the College staff. Nick was for many years a member of our Committee and Dinner Sub-Committee.
Mr P McGee 1972 1979 March 2016
A J Gilyead 1970 1977 Unknown
mr bryan mcguire 1970 1977
Mr Alan Kucia 1969 1976 November 2018 We were informed by his wife of Alan's death at the age of 60 due to heart failure.
Mr P Bryan 1951 1974 25/10/2013 The death is reported of Mr Peter Bryan on 25th October. Peter was a distinguished geographer, who for many years was Head of the Department and very active in the life and work of the former Cambridgeshire High School for Boys. He represented the staff professionally, and was the school representative on a number of outside consultative bodies, both locally and nationally. On the re-organisation of secondary education in Cambridge and the creation of the Sixth Form College in 1974, Peter became Secretary of the Collegiate Board, which planned course distribution among the post-16 institutions during the years following re-organisation and was responsible for the operation of the 16+ student "clearing house". He was a keen participant in the affairs of the Old Cantabrigians, and jointly wrote/edited a history of the school & college The Second Half Century. The funeral took place on Thursday 7th November at 3.00pm at the Cambridge Crematorium.
Mr H G Thomas 1957 1970 2011 Hayden Thomas, Staff: 57 -70. John Woolfendon writes: "I regret to inform you that 'HGT' 'departed' this world on Thursday 27th October peacefully in his sleep at the Care Home where he had resided for the past few years. No doubt many of you will recall various 'memories/incidents' in his Life when you knew him, and I would be pleased to receive any data which I intend to include in his Obituary in the 2012 Newletter. He leaves his Wife, Marie, two Daughters(who both live abroad) and a Son (Andrew) who does live in Swansea, & is therefore a great comfort to his Mother at this time. If there are any other persons who you know that would wish to know this item of news - please pass it on. Thank you."
R C Prentice 1965 1970 November 2008
Mr P.D. Faircloth 1961 1968 05/2019
Mr N Wielding 1962 1968
Mr J.L. Moy 1960 1967 7th August 2018
Mr M J Lane 1960 1966
Mr I Gunn 1961 1966 1971 Died after a long illness of Hodgkinson's Lymphoma.
His Honour Judge A H Gee 1960 1965
Mr Terry Curtis 1959 1964 10th January 2015 Died 10/1/15 as a result of a substantial heart attack.
Mr T Parish 1955 1963
Mr F R Ullmann 1956 1963
Displaying 1–20 of 196 1 2 3 9 10